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Ozonators produce Ozone using Air, which has 21 % of Oxygen as feed gas. Air should be free of dust, oil & moisture for efficient conversion. Generally Drier is used to obtain purified Air. Oxygen gas can also be used for higher yields of Ozone.

a) Corona Discharge Ozonator:
This produces more quantity of Ozone compared to other methods. This Equipment operates on the principle of Corona discharge (CD) which takes place at high potential between two electrodes separated by dielectric medium and constant Air gap. CD is identified by typical hissing sound. When purified Air passes through CD, part of oxygen is converted to Ozone. Ozone has a characteristic foul smell which does not last more than 20 mins (after which Ozone gets converted to Oxygen again). The pressure offered gas should be less than I kg/sq. cm.

b) UV Bulb Ozonator:
This employs a special UV Bulb housed in a chamber through which feed gas (Air/Oxygen) is passed. The bulb produces UV light at a wavelength.


Technical Details

  • UV Bulb / Transformer / IIGBT Technologies used depending on capacity of Ozonation Required

  • Provided with Oxygen Concentration

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  • Electrical Panel

  • Sensors

  • Semi - Automation 



  • 1 GRM/HR – 1000 GRM/HR

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  • UV Discharge Type

  • Carona Discharge Type

  • MS Power Coated

  • MSEP / CS



  • Domestic Water Supply

  • Food & Bevarage Industry

  • Dairies

  • Mineral Water

  • Aquaculture 

  • Effluent Treatment

  • Swimming Pools

  • Pharamacueticals

  • Hospitals

  • Chemical Industry

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