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Submerged Flat Sheet
MBR Series

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Theway Membrane Bioreactors (TW-MBR) represent a revolution in water treatment. TW-MBRs uniquely combine two important processes in water treatment. The secondary water treatment step of Activated sludge to remove oxygen demand from water and the tertiary treatment step of micro or ultrafilltration using membranes are combined into one seamless step of treatment. 

The advantages to using our MBRs include

  1. Massive Footprint reduction

  2. High MLSS operation in Activated sludge process

  3. Increased water treatment rate for a given volume of space

  4. Superior effluent quality

  5. Eliminates need for secondary clarifiers and separate membrane systems

  6. Increased removal of bacteria and Virus  

  7. Savings on construction costs

  8. Savings on energy costs

  9. Easy cleaning and maintenance

Theway MBRs are made by Theway Membranes, a membrane manufacturer with over 2 decades of experience in making membranes. These MBRs have been designed by engineers from Stanford University and Indian Institute of Technology, Madras with extreme care.

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