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Davey Disc Filters Assembly.png


  • Davey Disc Filters act as Depth Filtration and find a wide range of applications. They consist of a single or multiple housings. Each housing is provided with a stack of grooved discs plates kept compressed inside the housing. The wetted parts of the Disc Filters – such as the housings and filter discs are made from Engineering plastics and can handle high saline / TDS applications and rustproof.

The gap between the grooved compressed plates ensure bigger designated particles are filtered before inlet to application and the discs come with designated micron ratings. The feed flow from the inlet port is directed to the outside surface of the stacked discs where particles are deposited and only filtered water passes through. When the flow direction is reversed, all particles on the outer surface are dislodged and directed to the drain.

Disc filters finds a good application in UF plants. UF membranes need to be protected with an inlet prefilter – either as a basket strainer or DMF or Disc Filter, to prevent clogging of membranes with suspended particles. Disc Filters have the advantage of being compact, online backwashable, easily cleanable, rust proof, long lasting and a natural choice for UF Plants.

Davey Disc Filters in Ultrafiltration

Disc Filters in Ultrafiltration plant


Technical Details

  • SS Wire Mesh Basket Element with IN to OUT flow with 100 microns Fineness (or as required) with perforated support

  • Wire Brush for cleaning the clogged inner surface mounted on a central shaft

  • Motor with Gear Reduction Unit driving the wire brush

  • All the above mounted on SS/MS housing with leakproof sealing

Davey 1.png


Automatic Online Cleaning of Filters requiring less manpower attention



75lpm to SEVERAL MLD

Davey 2.png


The MOC of the Filter Housings can be of SS304, SS316 & MS and the Filter Elements can be SS Wiremesh



  • Industrial Cleaning Machines 

  • Waste Water applications

  •  Cooling Tower Recycling

  •  Induction Hardening Machines

  •  Paint Shops

  •  Forging Machines

  •  Steel Rolling Machines

  •  Coolant Filtrations systems

  •  Paper Industry

  •  Plating Industry

  •  Chemical Processing

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